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NSF Kamiseya strengthens ties with Local Farmers Association Jan 2002 - NSF Kamiseya is not only a hidden treasure close to NAF Atsugi, but also a US military presence that continuously strengthens its' ties with local nationals.

Recently NSF Kamiseya hosted a tour of the USS Kitty Hawk, CNFJ and the Yokosuka base. This tour gave a much needed prospective to the local farmers so far removed form the Navy and its primary mission of protection through sea power with such vessels as the monstrous and intimidating aircraft carrier homeported in Yokosuka, Japan and supported in many ways by a vast number of personnel stationed at NAF Atsugi and NSF Kamiseya.

Mr. Tadashi Tanaka, Chairman of the farnmers Association and his three vice chairman; Mr. Abe, Mr. N. Tanaka and Mr. Adachi were pleased with the opportunity to view such an incredible ship and the numerous Japanese civilians who work at the Yokosuka base and its on base facilities. Of the 32 person tour, all were impressed with the youth and professionalism of the Sailors working aboard the carrier as they showed respect and courteousness befitting those their age in a professional atmosphere. Mr. Kuramoto, Facilities Planning Specialist and Mr. Nagao, Liasion officer for CNFJ conducted the tour.

The Farmers Association was extrememly impressed with the entire base as many of them had never witnessed firsthand the impressive management and construction of a US Navy base the size of Yokosuka, Japan. The group left with a most favorable impression of the US Navy, therefore strengthening the relationship between the Japanese community and the United States military stationed in Japan. It is a priority at NSF Kamiseya to work hand in hand with the local residents to ensure there is a firm strength and unity here in the rural environment where it is a necessity to depend on those who live nearby for assistance and community relations.