Services and Organizations


This clinic is an annex of the Branch Medical Clinic (BMC) NAF Atsugi and has a billet for one Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman (IDC).  Presently, we have an HMC on board who is credentialed to provide care only to Active Duty personnel.  All non-active duty personnel are encouraged to contact the local Tricare office (264-4686) to identify their Primary Care Manager (PCM).

- Provide medical support for all active CTF-72 and NSF Kamiseya personnel.
- Provide routine medical care and referral service to BMC Atsugi and higher echelons of care.
- Provide various Preventive Medical services for NSF Kamiseya and tenant commands.

Hours of Operation:
 - Monday through Friday 0800-1600
 - Sickcall: 0800-1000
Thursday afternoon closed for training.

After hours care:
- Our Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman (IDC) may be contacted after hours by calling 045-303-3290 or 090-9957-1362.  If no answer leave message and phone number so he may return your call.
 - BMC Atsugi is a Primary Care Clinic that is staffed with Family Practitioner, General Medical Practitioner, Nurse Corps, Physician’s Assistant, Medical Service Corps and Hospital Corpsmen. 
The Clinic is not equipped to handle emergency care or trauma. The Clinic provides extended hours of operation 1700-2000 Monday through Friday.  1300-1700 Weekends and Holidays.  The extended hours of operation are solely for urgent or same day care.  If possible contact the clinic at 265-3311 or commercial 0467-70-2164 or report directly to the clinic.  They will assist you in your care decision options.


In order to provide prompt medical services for NSF Kamiseya, the Seya and Asahi Ward Fire Departments provide all ambulance service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It is important that you understand the following:

In an emergency, dial 119.
  (By dialing 119, you will activate the base Emergency Services:  Fire, Security and Medical.)  When requesting an ambulance, Atsugi Security Dispatcher will take the necessary steps to dispatch the ambulance to your location.
Dial 1-1-9 (Base phone), Local or cell 0468-21-1950 (ASK FOR SECURITY)
Request an ambulance through NAF Atsugi Security.
Provide name of person calling.
Provide name(s) of the victims.
Provide what is wrong and what is being done.
Provide location of victim. Include cross streets and landmarks to help facilitate the ambulance arrival.
Provide phone number from where you are calling.
Do not hang up until the dispatcher informs you to do so.
The person who requires care will be transported to the nearest hospital based on their illness or injury. (They will not transport patients to any military treatment facilities – In an emergency, it in necessary to provide the proper level of care.  All local military treatment facilities are not equipped to handle emergency care.)
There is no charge for ambulance services; however, you are responsible for collecting all incurred bills from the local hospital. Contact the Health Benefits Advisor (HBA) at the Branch Medical Clinic, Atsugi 264-4686 or 0467-70-8046.  The HBA will assist you in processing your claim.